Welcome to the ACT Customer Centre!

This Quick Start Guide gives you all the information you need to start shipping with ACT.

Get Rates - Complete and submit your online request for a spot quote or rate tariff. Or you can send us a quick email to sales@appscargo.com. If you would prefer one of our sales professionals to call or drop by, then call us at 866 247 2960 or drop a line to info@appscargo.com and we will have one of our account managers contact you immediately. 

Set Up Your Account - To start shipping, just fill out the customer profile online or download and fax it to 604 946 8877. You will receive confirmation and your account number within 24 hours. If you want to begin shipping immediately, simply call 604 940 3355 x 1 and we will set you up within a few minutes.  

Schedule a Pickup / Track a Shipment / Retrieve PODs - Schedule a pickup, trace a shipment and retrieve shipping documents by doing one of the following:

- Login to your account and create a shipment
- Chat with a Customer Service Rep 
- Submit a pickup request or trace request online
- Email to cs@appscargo.com
- Call 1 866 247 2960 - option #1
- Fax instructions to 604 946 8877

Receive and Pay Your Bill - Invoices can be received in a variety of formats including online retrieval, email, EDI, csv file export or even paper invoices. Payment can be made via credit card, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or paper cheque. Send us an email at ACTAccounts@appscargo.com and we will set it up.

Set Up an Online Account - Save time, money and paper with our online and EDI tools!